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Hotel apartment № 3
Apartments №№ 12-14
Bulgaria, Plovdiv 4000
46A Sredec str.

   tel.:+359 32 943 524 
mob.:+359 886 021240


  The family personally takes care of the building maintenance
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The building has limited access. Outsiders have no access unless they are your friends. Art guesthouse in Plovdiv
Each apartment has interkom video communication and independent external door-bell so that you can receive your friends into your hired apartment. Art apartments.
Security is provided for you and your belongings through live guard. Serviced apartments Art guest house Plovdiv
Daily cleaning is provided of common parts and housings. There is an option if you want yourselves to take care for the hygiene in your hired residence. Hygiene and maintenance activities are perfect as they are carried out by our family, whose ownership is the building - at preferential prices. Serviced Art-apartments

  Breakfast by agreement of homemade specialties
Air conditioner
Hotel Service


It should be noted that after the release of a housing we provide complete cleaning of furniture, floor coverings, walls, appliances and others. with special sanitary preparations for recycling, which turn a housing into its original new look. For example, the walls are painted with the German active-breathe paint (Ceresit), with a 5000 cycle of delete, that allows to erase one layer for each new tenant. Equipment, electric appliances and items that can not acquire the original form is replaced by new ones.

Guest house built and furnished ecologically. Click and see building characteristics.
All expenses could be  paid on the spot. So you do not waste your time.
For €70 we get our customers from Sofia Airport and take them to Plovdiv.

Although in the central part of the town, the building is situated on a quiet street without intense movement. You can relax completely surrounded by cosiness peace and  comfort.

All homes are equipped with furniture, TV, video-link interkom, sectional cupboard in the living rooms, in the bedrooms wardrobes, beds with bed-side tables and night lamps. Full kitchen equipment: kitchen furniture, stove, refrigerator, coffee machine, etc. The larger homes have separate dining room with table and chairs for eating and a separate writing place with a massive writing-table and a chair. Each apartment has a washing machine & drying rack, iron and folding table for ironing. All windows have  roll-up shutters which give you the opportunity to adjust the light and visibility to 100% at your choice. You will not be troubled concerning cigarette smell, because smoking is not allowed in the building.

Heating is provided by local steam heating for the building as the temperature in the premises is regulated automatically. For  warm days there is air condition.

And to be fully communicative you have access to wireless Wi-Fi network for constant connection to the Internet. Serviced Art apartments in Art guesthouse, accommodation in Plovdiv from the owner.


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1. Building lies at the fundamental (concrete) slab 4.5 m under ground level. That’s why in winter it accepts the natural warmth of a ground and in summer - the coolness.

2. Building is made of high-quality thin ceramic bricks with an admissible stage of radioactivity (all materials are radioactive!). All these high-quality thin ceramic bricks are laid as their five air-pillows are set paralleling (without holes outwards). So they create a perfect five coat (air) natural sound- and thermal isolation. Building is plastered up inside and outside with fine German lime-cement plaster. Under this technology walls breathe, accept fumes and don’t hold back inwardly more than necessary. They play the role of a reducer in the rooms.

3. Impregnated massive woodwork glass-package which creates excellent sound - and thermal isolation.

4. South-East disposition of a building.

5. All apartments are furnished with massive furniture, doors, parquets, ceramic floors and many flowers. The lack of any artificial (inert) materials as plastic or aluminum joinery, MDF, ITONG, KNAUF, artificial isolation and floors, granite-grease, ground coat, etc. – a creation of a human fabrication and highly brain – gives opportunity for an unique microclimate.

6. Walls are painted with German active breathing paint (Ceresit) which has 5000 cycles of erasing (scrubbing). This characteristic of paint allows scrubbing a coat (a film) after every tenant.

7. Restoration of furniture and electro domestic devices in their original look (purely new) through recycling or substituting by new ones.

8. Heating is a local one and the temperature regulates automatically. As the water for radiators goes under the floor towards them, the floor warms up, too. Each apartment has a local supersonic calorimeter which reads energy in kilowatts (KW), not in thermal units.

9. All joints between tiles are impregnated, so they can’t grow dark. Cultivation of different moulds and mushrooms becomes inadmissible.

10. Hygiene and maintenance are perfect because they are accomplished by the family which property is building.
You are welcome to the castle of care-free state of mind!