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Hotel apartment № 3
Apartments №№ 12-14
Bulgaria, Plovdiv 4000
46A Sredec str.

   tel.:+359 32 943524 
mob.:+359 886 021240



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Family hotels by owner. The apartments are suitable for people participating in exhibitions on International Technical Fair Plovdiv: Agra; Vinaria; Spring contracting. More for Nature, Hunting, Fishing; Flower spring. As well as Salon international hair & beaty exhibition; International consumer goods and technologies fair. Participants in Domtech; Horeca; Cosmetech; Mebeltech; Texmod. Another Foodtech; Jewelry expo; Hemus; Impressia; Printcom. International technical fair; Aquatech; Autotech; Eltech. More for Eneco; Infotech; Ps world – Bulgaria; Machine Building. Another for Stroytech – the city; Chemical Industry; Motor show – Plovdiv. Participants in Medicus, Dento, Galenia; Autumn contracting; Flower autumn. Trade Fair Plovdiv, Industrial Products Spares Goods, Supplies Trade Shows & Events.

Night-lodgings for guests or participants in the exhibitions of the International Technical Fair in Plovdiv, Trade Shows, Eco tourism, business and vacation. We offer many facilities to guarantee a most comfortable stay.