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Hotel apartment № 3
Apartments №№ 12-14
Plovdiv 4000
46A Sredec str.
   tel.:+359 32 943524 

mob.:+359 886 021240

  Hotel apartments for rent, accommodation directly by the owner
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Family MilcheviMilchevi family offer you for rent in Plovdiv - BG: simple, clean and stylish, constantly renovated Art apartments in a new separate building, built exclusively with natural/eco materials/. In the house reigns perfect cleanness, peace and safety, as it has a restricted access. Every guest is provided with a comfortable living environment. Housing maintenance is provided. Quality and precision can be found even in the smallest details. Advantageous rents, also at a hotel principle. Accommodations in new unique serviced apartments: studios, one, two, three and more bedroom flats, lodging with an yard and a garden. An ideal place for business stay, trips and vacations. We also lease a luxury office. Incredible quality for Bulgaria. This is a quiet guesthouse, not a big hotel !

Plovdiv - view of the old city ART guesthouse Milchevi is preferred mostly by Western Europeans, most of whom are leaders or representatives of companies like : - Siemens, Liebherr, EVN, Lindner, Metalltechnik Wachsmuth GmbH, ILD, Schneider Electric, h s Energieanlagen GmbH, Schunk Group, J. Christof GmbH , LIDL, Kaufland etc.
Full-time security, local heating, central heating, air conditioning. Wi-Fi Internet, digital cable TV., hotel service. Discounts for regular customers.

On our website you can find a catalog of accommodation sites in Bulgaria, Plovdiv. Information about: proberties, real estates, agencies, travel agencies, tour operators, tourism and business trips, rests, vacations, VIP serviced apartments, private rooms. You can see the photo gallery of Eco tourism, to book flats, private lodgings or contact us. On the online map in ‘Location’ you can see where we are located and directions how to find us.

Night-lodgings for guests or participants in the exhibitions of the International Technical Fair in Plovdiv, Trade Shows, Eco tourism, business and vacation. We offer many facilities to guarantee a most comfortable stay.

Right in the center of Plovdiv, advantageous booking in family hotel:
Apartments for rent, serviced apartments, hotel rooms, hotel apartments.

Dear clients, we offer also accommodation in apartments near our building,
where you could accommodate temporary until the apartment you like get free.


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Accommodations and online reservations in Plovdiv - BG and for the International Fair. New family eco-house in the central part of the town and near the Novotel, with unique and clean serviced eco apartments and private rooms for demanding guests. VIP eco apartments for rent and with hotel services. For long-term and short-term rent and more than two night-lodgings. Full-time security, local heating, central heating, air conditioning. Wi-Fi Internet, digital cable TV. Competitive prices. Discounts for regular customers. Quiet family Eco guesthouse, but not a big hotel !

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